Useful Resources and FAQ

The Web links and PDF documents listed here are not absolutely essential for you as an OLLI-USF Instructor, but they are very useful.  Red items are PDF files.   Blue items are Web links.  Some browsers or devices may force you to download a PDF in order to view it.

The FAQ at the bottom of the page will, when complete, answer every question you’re likely to have about OLLI-USF.


Questions New Instructors Ask

Characteristics of Effective OLLI Teachers

Writing Creative and Compelling Course Descriptions

How to Create Memorable Lectures

How to Lead a Discussion

PowerPoint Assistance

Outline – A Course is Born Syllabus

USF Library Resources for OLLI Faculty

Hillsborough County Public Library Resources

Accomodating the Older Learner

Pedagogy vs andragogy  (How teaching older learners is different)

Hearing Impairment & Deafness

Assistive Listening Technology

Venue Walk-through Checklist

USF Fair Use Checklist (How to avoid copyright violations)

How to Add an Extra Monitor to Your Laptop

How to clear the cache and cookies on your mobile device

How to clear the cache in Desktop Browsers

Online Teaching and Collaboration Tools  (Zoom, Skype, Go to Meeting etc)

This Worked for Me

“You” wrote this document.  It is a compilation of suggestions and ideas that your fellow faculty found useful while teaching OLLI classes.

FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions about OLLI-USF)


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