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Our goal is to provide you, the OLLI-USF Instructor, with the resources and tools you need to be a great teacher.

Teach4olliusf needs your suggestions and comments to become the jaw-droppingly useful resource we want it to become.  So, make use of the Comment box you’ll see on every page.

Here is a Table of Contents for our site site. Each label is a link that will take you directly to that resource.

Instructors’ Resources

Resources for Online Learning  This is a new, fast-growing set of resources.  While we’re teaching online, this is a good place to start.

Video Resources on OLLI’s Vimeo site.

Calendar  A link to the OLLI-USF Master Calendar with dates important to OLLI Instructors as well as dates of interest to Instructors and Members.

Faculty Support Personnel   A list of OLLI-USF staff and Faculty Support Team members.

Faculty Roll of Honor  A new feature in the early stages of construction.  We hope to add your name some day.

OLLI-USF Links   Links to all of the other OLLI-USF web pages plus other useful USF web pages

SIGs  A list of our Shared Interest Groups with descriptions and contact information

Class Catalogs  Links to the PDF version of the current and recent past Class Catalogs.  Plus a description of the standards we use to edit your course descriptions and bios for publication.

Discussion Pages  The experimental OLLI-USF Faculty Discussion Page.  Tell us what you think.

Members’ Page  Resources for OLLI students in an online learning world



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  1. Looks like a lot of very useful info. For the link “Resources for Online Learning”, I would either (temporarily) move it to the top of the list and/or highlight it in some way,. e.g. yellow highlighting, or bolding, etc.

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