Ready for Your Close-up?

Mini LED light 2You’ve noticed that the quality of lighting varies among the participants you see in a Zoom meeting or class, and you may be wondering how you can brighten your own image up a bit.  George Hyde has been working on that, and here is his latest recommendation.

“I don’t know if anyone is keeping a list of recommended accessories for instructors teaching Zoom classes, but I have something worth consideration: the Joby Beamo “mini” LED light Basically it’s a portable, adjustable LED light source in a cube that’s about 2” on a side.  It has two magnetic surfaces for mounting on anything metallic, plus one built-in and one clip-on ¼”-screw holes, so you can mount in on top of a tripod or selfie stick.  It recharges through USB port taking about 3 hours to charge completely, which supposedly gives you about six hours of light at half-power (which should be enough for our purposes).  About $70 on Amazon.

Earlier I had bought the Qiaya Selfie Light Ring Light ($30 on Amazon), but it was nearly worthless.  Not nearly as strong a the Beamo, and I would definitely NOT recommend it for anyone needing fill-in or auxiliary lighting. “

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