PowerPoint Resources

A PowerPoint presentation can be compelling!   Or really lame.  Build it well and use it well, and it will make your instruction easier and better.

Here are some resources to help you keep your presentations out of the “lame” column.


Rehearse Your Presentation with a “PowerPoint Coach”  (This is simply amazing!)

PowerPoint Shortcuts Every Presenter Should Know

PowerPoint in a Window_Diane White  (Very useful for Zoom presentations!)

How to avoid “Death by PowerPoint”

Eight Tips for Great PPT Presentations

How to Use Speaker’s Notes in PowerPoint

How to Add Video to a PowerPoint Presentation

How to Change a PowerPoint Presentation’s Entire Format

How to add “page numbers” (slide numbers) in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

PowerPoint–How to Combine Presentations

How to Add “Rolling Credits” in PowerPoint

Bring your Own Teleprompter

And for an argument against using PowerPoint (or Keynote or Slides) in the first place, try this:

PowerPoint Makes Us Stupid

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