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A Virtual Class is a Real Class

OLLI Course Catalog coverTeaching and learning online took us by surprise in March or 2020.  And at first we thought we’d done well merely by surviving a Zoom class.  That’s not fair to our students.  They may not be able to articulate what was missing in our online class, but they’ll know it was not up to our standards for face-to-face instruction.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Most of the elements of a good face-to-face class can be carried over to its virtual version.

The two articles below are a good starting point, and we welcome your suggestions for other resources!

Online Instruction – Best Practices

Osher NRC Report on Distance Learning Research

With those as your guide to overall class design, let’s look at the tools you’ll use to create that class in an online environment.  You don’t have to read everything here.  Start with what is most relevant to you now, and explore further when your needs change.

Blue titles are Web links.  Red titles are PDF documents. Green titles are PowerPoint presentations or spreadsheets.

Zoom–The Basics

Zoom–Intermediate Skills 

Zoom–Advanced Skills

And speaking of PowerPoint…

    • PowerPoint is–for good or ill–even more important in a Zoom class than it was in a face-to-face class.  Which really means that good PowerPoint presentations are important in a Zoom class.  So we’ve created an entire page to help you create the best PowerPoint presentations possible.  And you owe your students nothing less.

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