Online Instruction Resources Updated

We’ve added more resources to our Online Instruction page and updated a few of the existing ones.  If you use Apple products, you’ll want to see what Jeanne Dyer has added.

In addition to the techie stuff, we’ve added the first in a series of resources designed to help you create an online class that is as thorough, as flexible, and as powerful as the face-to-face classes you’re used to.  For the moment, that is also on our Online Instruction page.

While you’re at the site, be sure to visit the Resource List page for links to all the good stuff we have here.

And our usual caveat.  Your browser has probably cached the URL’s of any pages on this site that you’ve visited before.  So, you’ll need to either “refresh” that specific page or clear your cache.  Ask Google about browser caching, if this is a weird new issue for you.

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