Interesting Resources

Once you have the essentials down and have made yourself a competent Instructor, you may want to explore some of these links.

Blue items are Web links.  Red items are PDF files.


OLLI-USF YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel is a new venture with a lot of room for growth.  When you visit, ask yourself “How could I add something to this?”

OLLI-USF Vimeo Resources

At present we have to link to these video-by-video.  There is currently no single “folder” of OLLI-USF Vimeo videos.  We’re working on that.  Click here for an incomplete but growing list of our videos.


Quora is a commercial “Question and Answer” site.  It is a diamond mine of useful and arcane information.  And, like the rest of the Web, it has its share of trolls.  It is addictive and infuriating.

This Worked for Me

“You” wrote this document.  It is a compilation of suggestions and ideas that your fellow faculty found useful while teaching OLLI classes.

PowerPoint Resources

The link above will take you to a full page of PowerPoint resources

Comparison of the Assumptions of Pedagogy and Andragogy

Teaching adults is not the same as teaching children .  Here are some of the differences.

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