Essential Resources


This page is a list of Web pages and PDF Documents that all OLLI-USF Instructors should be familiar with.  In most cases clicking on either type will bring it up and display it on your screen.  With some browsers or devices you may have to download a PDF in order to see it.


Instructor’s Handbook (Undergoing revision)

Other Essential Tools

OLLI-USF Course Proposal Form

Some “Suggestions” for OLLI Instructors

(This was written back before COVID and Zoom, but most of it is also completely relevant in an OLLI Zoom class)

Preparing Your Course Description and Bio for the Class Catalog

How to Register for a Class Online

Accessing USF’s Wi-Fi Networks – Apple & PC


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One Reply to “Essential Resources”

  1. I notice there are not FAQs on the LUMENS site, and I can find no one to contact regarding questions or comments – and I have several.
    1) I would like to be able to add a moderator to the class roster even though it is full.
    2) The subject line for email messages is limiting the title to 40 characters yet the window is much wider and gives one the impression that more is available. It really either needs to be extended or the window should be made to reflect the capacity.
    3) I need actual student email addresses for my class and I’ve requested them from the individual students but knowing how things really work I know there will be some that don’t respond or don’t see my request.
    4) It would be helpful if I know what other classes the individuals had taken. That would give me an idea of what they have already been exposed to – at least in the technical areas. A search capability would be ideal.
    5) I generally don’t like web-based comment forms. There is typically no historical trail I can look up. I would much prefer an email-based comment system where I can archive my messages and responses in a way I can retrieve them when I want to remember what I said.

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