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This section finally has a focus: Online Classes via Zoom.

COVID-19 forced Zoom on us, and now it’s our job to “make the best of it or make it better.”  You can help us do both by adding your comments here.

What insights into Zoom or into yourself have your online classes given you?  How can our Instructors and Moderators do a better job in their new environment?  Your experience may give us an “Aha!” moment we can take advantage of, so please share your thoughts.

Keep in mind that while this site is not likely to be a high traffic area for the world at large, it is a public blog.  (Which is why you don’t have to sign in every time you visit.)

Topic:  How can we make OLLI-USF online instruction better?

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4 Replies to “Discussion Page – Zoom Issues”

  1. When a student is locked out of a class!
    Recently my computer locked up toward the end of a class I was taking. The only lynette way I could figure to get back in was to log out and re-sign in. I was able to do that, but got relegated to the waiting room. The class was large; no one saw that someone was in the waiting room so I missed the final 15 minotes of the course! This is a caveat. Teachers are busy teaching, but they could assign someone to be on the lookout for problems like this. I doubt it would be an issue in a small participatory class, but in a large lecture it can be a problem. I have no idea how often this happens, but I doubt it has happened ed only to me.

    1. No. I have heard the same. The assistant does not always stay so you are stuck.
      I suggest looking at rosters to see who would pay half price to watch.

    2. As a host of many zoom meetings, I think it is very difficult for the primary speaker to also be watching the waiting room. For my meetings, I assign 1-, 2 even 3 people as co-hosts right at the beginning and ask them to help manage the room. They look for folks with questions, they help let people in etc… Not sure this works with the OLLI model (where I know you have 1 designated tech support person), but it has made it a lot smoother for me.

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