A Welcome with a Warning

Welcome to Teach4olliusf, the faculty resource site for OLLI Instructors!

We’ve added a new section on videoconferencing and teaching online classes here. And we’ve updated several of the other sections to make them more relevant or easier to use.  You can see the main resource list and jumping off point here.

We’re still “under construction”.  COVID-19 gave us a lot of new, high priority work.

Warning!  If we make changes between now and the time you revisit this site, you (probably) won’t see the new stuff unless you refresh your browser on each page you visit. This has to do with browser caching, and getting around it is another thing that is under construction.  This site was built with 21st Century tools by a guy who grew up listening to scratchy AM radio on a crystal set.  He’s not always finding it intuitive.

While you’re here, subscribe so that you’ll know when we add new resources.  The Subscribe box is to your right on a PC and at the bottom on a mobile phone.

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