Welcome New Instructor

Welcome, New Instructor!

We’re so glad you’re here! Without you–your knowledge and your willingness to share it–OLLI couldn’t exist.

This page and the rest of this website contain (we hope) everything you’ll need to make your new “job” satisfying and enjoyable. Each link you follow will lead you to information and skills that you’ll soon be putting to use in your OLLI classes. Ready? Let’s go!

Your basic tool–your Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy–is the OLLI-USF Faculty Handbook. Take a look at it now, and–if you’d like to–download a copy. 

The Faculty Handbook gives you a lot of what you’ll need but isn’t designed to tell you everything. As a new Instructor, you’ll need to get your head around what it means to teach for OLLI one step at a time.

Click this link to continue your journey.

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Teach4OLLI-USF is the support web site for OLLI-USF Instructors.

Your input will help us improve it.


A Subject for Discussion

Teach4OLLIUSF’s WordPress format enables us to allow–in fact, encourage–comments on our content.  We’ve had a section called Discussion Pages since we launched, but–until recently–no “discussion” has taken place. Thanks to Zoom and Catherine, that’s changed.  Our involuntary leap into online learning has given us opportunities to do some great new things.  And to mess up …

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To contact us send an email to Al Carlson at carlson.alan@gmail.com.